Recent Trails

Recent Trial – March 2013

Plaintiff claimed that she suffered a plethora of injuries that required years of treatment and claimed a substantial loss of income. Liability was not at issue. She asked the jury for over $500,000, but the jury awarded her only $45,000, agreeing with Defendant’s medical expert that Plaintiff suffered only soft

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Recent Trial – August 2012

In an admitted liability case where plaintiff had undergone back surgery, the jury awarded only $18,000, rather than the $1,425,000 asked for, as the jury agreed with our team of medical experts that plaintiff suffered from a degenerative condition in her back, not a new injury.

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Recent Trial – April 2012

Plaintiff abandoned his case in mid-trial, accepting our pre-trial offer for less than one-fourth of his demand after our cross-examination of plaintiff and his doctors used plaintiff’s own medical records to show multiple reasons for his complaints, all unrelated to his accident.

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