About Us

We specialize in all aspects of civil litigation, from the initial pleadings, through discovery, trial, and, where necessary, appeal.

Who We Are?

Bates Winter Talmachoff & Vandersluys LLP is a team of experienced civil litigation attorneys with an established track record of success throughout California. Our sole focus is protecting the interests of our clients, which include Fortune 100 companies, large regional enterprises, small businesses and individuals.

We confront complex legal issues daily, using our experience to bring clarity to the conflict, whether through research into the applicable law, analysis of medical, employment and business records to isolate decisive documentary evidence, or the careful evaluation of the quality of the witnesses who will testify. We know well that all facts are not equal, nor are all witnesses. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a case, long before trial has begun, gives our clients the knowledge necessary to make their litigation decisions based upon truths, not guesswork.